B U T A C O L O R 

Type of Site: Social Photo Portal

The rules of the registration in site:

1. To use all the features of the site, do register. (After that you can see download links, hidden text and pictures).
2. To enter registration section to be registered in site.
3. You enter personal information about yourself (name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) in the proposed windows. Users should fill in their personal information properly, otherwise there will be problems in sending orders an to establish contact with the customer. At the end of the page you acknowledge the conditions of the site.
4. In the next stage, a letter is sent to the e-mail that you provided.
5. You choose the link provided in the letter and passing this you confirm your e-mail address.
6. You may enter site with own password and login. In this case, the payment page is provided to you. It is offered to use PayPal online payment system to pay a lump-sum payment of the registration - $ 50 (fifty U.S. dollars). Payment is done for having separate disk for a long-term, to post photos in the private archive in any number or to use database of site with high quality professional photos of authors, to share them and to carry out other operations.
7. After the payment of the site you will be able to access all the functions.

Terms of use of site:

1. Registered users are able to download their favourite photos in site.
2. Users can comment on the photos loaded.
3. It is possible to add photos news by the user.
4. Persons registered on the site, uploaded own photos, downloading files from site and obtaining additional services may act as the user in service.
5. Photos loaded in site will be added in categories of the site and then stored on the site for an indefinite period. User is able to delete own photos directly.

6. Site users guarantee that the photos loaded in service are:
a) dissemination of information stored in it and its dissemination is not product is not information;
b) does not violate third-party’s intellectual property rights;
c) it is in conformity with its content for social, moral and ethical rules (which is an insult to human dignity, absence of messages promoting violence, racial and national hate);
e) any viruses or program software that does not makes any other harmful code.
e) to create and distribute SPAM to Users is strictly prohibited.
f) To disseminate in site erotic, pornographic, photos with collage and montage is strictly prohibited.
g) While making comments on photos to make Flud (sending consecutively the same type labels, letters, smiles for a few times) is forbidden.

7. Administration offers User the following online services:
a) to download and share own personal files (as well as graphics (images, photos) in site and to share with third parties;
b) to download the files of other users;
c) using the technical capabilities of the site to exchange files with other users and third parties;
d) to use the place where the site files are stored, i.e, to use the location for protection of the files

8. The size of the loaded image should not exceed 3 megabytes.
9. It should not contain an information of authors of the photos, law of Azerbaijan Republic, information violating or attempting to violate third party (legal and natural person) rights (illegal file crack, keygen, code requests or to publish, search for, or to share pirated software, profile of any person in any side password, or ask you to teach ways to capture password, etc.).
10. The site is only a tool in the delivery of files, and is not responsible. While the questions arise on the content of the photographs, then send them to author of photo, User.
11. While members of the site use photos sent to www.butacolor.com , it is important to make reference to author of photo.

12. Map service of site is provided by Google and the uploaded information belongs to self of owner and butacolor.com site.
13. In case of revealing of the violation of above rules, management of www.butacolor.com reserves a right to cancel registration of author’s photos, to make the necessary adjustments.
14. If while using this site you encounter with any technical difficulties, please contact us from "Contact Us" section,