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Ø site – is a photo network helping a people who are using the service to share an interest in the field of photography, and learn from each other and towards interaction, comments and photoss in building a network of relationships.
Ø site (hereinafter referred to as "Butacolor") offers the services terms and conditions for users. Users are required to study this agreement on the terms of the contract, which is an open agreement. In any case, while using the relevant services on the terms and conditions of this Agreement the User shall be deemed to have accepted Agreement unconditionally.


1.1. "Butacolor" provides a right of access to all interested parties in this Site in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
1.2. In this Agreement, "Butacolor" prepared by use of the site rules, as well establishes the rights and duties.
1.3. This Agreement was developed by "Butacolor" and defines the rules of using, as well as rights and duties.
1.4. These rules is a legal mandatory Agreement concluded between "Butacolor" and users. Its subject is services rendered by "Butacolor" to User.
1.5. These rules can be changed without a special notification from "Butacolor" or any other of its clause can be amended. Users are encouraged to review the change or amendments on a regular basis. Otherwise, the continued use of the website services - shall be deemed as acceptance of such change or amendment by that User.
1.6. In this Agreement and other referred documents, regulating development activity and management functions of "Butacolor" the legal person is "ABDU" Limited Liability Company.
1.7. Each individual registered in this site accordance with rules given in the agreement is considered as User of site.


2.1. Member can register in site only making single payment ($ 50 fifty U.S. dollars) .
2.2. Using the login and password for each person, which is individual, User get a right to site and are fully responsible for their safety.
2.3. When registering on the site user's personal information should be provided in a complete and correct, and no false information is to be provided.
2.4. Users can register on the site, only one personal page. When all the required items of personal page are completed fully User would have the right to use the services of the website.
2.5. Using the regulated section of “Everyone” uploading the material on the site covering intellectual property rights means that User allows even person not registered in site to use those materials.
2.6. To create profile in site on behalf of another person will not be permitted.
2.7. User can not use personal page for commercial purposes.
2.8. The user at any time can delete own profile, terminate the operation, may refuse service of the Site. "Butacolor" reserves a right to terminate or restrict the right of user for service at any time.
2.9. By having a registration in site User will confirm his consent with using of personal information provided by users who registered on the site, the comments posted on your personal page on a voluntary basis, as well, and photos. "Butacolor" reserves a right to impose restrictions on use and storing of material and photo a without notice from time to time. Disclosure of personal information, photos of User is regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic upon the demand of the court, law enforcement agencies, as well as in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
2.10. "Butacolor" updates, expands and develops services in order to expand the audience of users. At the same time, it further improves service functions for the sake of development in accordance with modern requirements, which promises a high potential for the strategy development, tries to ease the communicate. At the same time, "Butacolor" can suspend or close completely its activity. User will get an opportunity to copy or delete the materials to be placed in service by giving prior notification from "Butacolor" to the user at the time of closing.


3.1. "Abdu" Limited Liability Company has ownership right on services provided by "Butacolor" (with the exception of the materials submitted by the user), the right to property. Services are protected by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan. User is not entitled to use the name of Site, company symbols, trademarks, logos, domain names, and other symbols of honors of "Butacolor".
3.2. "Butacolor" guarantees the quality of business process and undertakes to restore the gaps quickly during technical breaks, but is not responsible for the defects, the loss of information as its result.
3.3. User shall be obliged to comply with the terms of this Agreement and the existing laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan when you use the services of the page.
3.3.1. User is to submit full, accurate and impartial information during registration and should not post in personal page of the site photos and comments that affects of other’s rights and interests.
3.3.2. User has to inform the "Butacolor" about obtaining and using of unauthorised right of access in the personal page, or its login and password.
3.4. All items posted on this site, including design elements, graphics, photos, comments (in general - materials) shall be the legal objects of exclusive right of "Butacolor", other rights owners.
3.5. Materials can be used by other person only by written consent of right owner. Otherwise, no photos or any comments can be transferred in whole or in part, downloaded, disseminated, or otherwise transferred to other persons, or to be used.
3.6. Using of photos and other materials with right of using for personal, non-commercial purposes may be used by User only in case of observing reserving of rights on all trademarks and copyrights.
3.7. User may establish official pages for commercial, charitable purposes if it operates based on the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, without touching the interests of third. User is personally responsible for the creation and management of official site.
3.8. "Butacolor" reserves a right to delete any photo or comment posted by any user in site that is in contrary to the terms of this agreement.
3.9. If materials posted by User are removed by himself, it will be deleted forever without restoration.
3.10. To delete a User's profile page means a deletion of all of the photos and commentary, as well as all the information about the User provided at the time of registration. Deletion of personal page conditions the right of User in access to site.
3.11. If User violates conditions of this Agreement or the intellectual property right several times, "Butacolor" is entitled to terminate its profile. In addition, using of the services of site by the User may be partially or completely prohibited. The user will be notified about it by e-mail, or in his profile.
3.12. If "Butacolor" blocks the User’s profile, without his consent User does not have the right to create a new profile.
3.13. "Butacolor" reserves the right to amend or change at any time to the site layout, design, content, software.
3.14. "Butacolor" has the right to advertise its activities and services to User.


4.1. "Butacolor" ensure the privacy of users.
4.2. Based on the privacy policy of the site, photo materials, collected and the shared by the User are supported by "Butacolor".


5.1. To make Site a secure network is the basic principle of "Butacolor", however, to guarantee it completely is outside the possibilities. The complete this security depends on the active participation of users, to avoid some negative approach by them.
5.2. During use of the website User cannot:
5.2.1. With the exception of the cases of the relevant authorities stipulated by the legislation, to create a fake profile on behalf of another natural person or legal entity, or by registering as a user in his place;
5.2.2. using someone else's login and password to deceive users about identity;
5.2.3. unauthorized access to other users' personal website;
5.2.4. to give false information about itself and other relations to Users;
5.2.5. to post the intellectual property of other users or third parties in own website, to store, distribute, or use it in any other way;
5.2.6. to have illegal, automatically obtained right of access to computer and technical delivery systems of the site, also to perform actions that may worsen the normal operation of the site, to load the system too much artificially, send spam, viruses, and upload other harmful programs and Troyan, to distribute and provide right of access to them;
5.2.7. to implement the illegal collection and processing of personal photos and comments of others;
5.2.8. except the cases directly allowed basing on agreement signed between "Butacolor" and User, to deliver any services, copy, sell, and have trade operations;
5.2.9. to post commercial or political advertising in sections of the website that are not deemed to be;
5.2.10. to post commercial messages on the site without permission, to be engaged in illegal network marketing is prohibited.
5.3. when User uses the Site services, as well as in own personal page -
5.3.1. containing pornographic, erotic, evil images;
5.3.2. containing elements of violence, threats, intimidation;
5.3.3. having a racial, religious discrimination and a hostile propaganda;
5.3.4. being installed and collaged;
5.3.6. making advertising of items, drugs removed or restricted from the civil circulation in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, reflecting its preparation, recipes and tips on the using;
5.3.7. reflecting crime or any act that may lead to administrative liability (failure to act), which promote criminal activity, and the tips, instructions which it may contain;

5.3.8. by posting , spreading any photo or comments having a negative impact on minor aged persons’ behaviour and reflecting bad habits, or cannot use by other methods.


6.1. "Butacolor" shall not be liable for damage to computer system, loss of data due to the using of any of the services of the site and getting right of access.
6.2. "Butacolor" preserves the links to other sites on the Internet, including the product of intellectual property belonging to third parties, photographs, graphic images and descriptions, their integrity, accuracy and security is not checked by "Butacolor" and the latter is not responsible for the material and information.
6.3. "Butacolor" is not responsible for the possible damages.
6.4. User is liable with civil, administrative and criminal responsibility in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the accuracy and integrity of information provided by the user at registration, posted on a personal website, loaded, use and security of any file, as well as relationships with other users.
6.5. The Site’s information system and software was not provided with the technical means that can implement activities of auto-censorship on users' information and records.
6.6. "Butacolor" shall not be liable for the photos and comments on the site posted by User and other interested persons.


7.1. User agrees with posting of advertising of "Butacolor" and its partners at own page against using Site services.
7.2. User cannot post in his personal page or profile image material of promotional advertising kind.
7.3. User can order, post through "Butacolor"’s advertising portal advertising of any item, goods, services, which are not prohibited, not removed from circulation accordance with the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic within agreed terms.
7.4. Posting of any order, contest, lottery or offer are done within terms agreed between the parties, instructions on advertising services and according to the norms of legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
7.5. Mobile services are provided free of charge, but in any case usual tariffs and duties of mobile operator are charged.
7.6. In the absence of an active cell phone number, the relevant information in personal site of User is updated within 48 hours to make reaching of messages addressed to him at the new number.
7.7. User is free to advertise at personal page his own announcements without any fee.
7.8. If the user carries out the payment via the Site, the he agrees without preconditions, "Butacolor 's payment terms.


8.1. This agreement has been drawn up in Azerbaijani language. If the translated version of agreement into another language conflicts with its Azerbaijani version, then the Azerbaijani version will prevail.
8.2. if any clause of this Agreement is deemed invalid (by changing or removing any clause), but the remaining provisions shall retain its legal force.
8.3.If the application of any part of this Agreement is impossible in some cases, it cannot be regarded as a refusal of Agreement.
8.4. Any dispute or misunderstandings arisen between «Butacolor" and User under cases intended or unintended in this Agreement must be resolved through consultations and negotiations between them. In case of failure to resolve disputes through negotiations, then it should be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ø The date of this document 14 November 2012